During a recent shopping spree at Amazon, I picked up Final Fantasy XIII for our Sony PS3. Although being the state-of-the-art game released back in 2009, even by todays standards it is a high-resolution marvel in art and design. Comparing it to the first pixel-block computer games 25 years ago running on 8-bit Atari or Commodore Amiga, astonishing perfection of technology can now create a feast for eyes and ears that was unthinkable before.

Final Fantasy XIII, Vanille is making a wish

Final Fantasy XIII, Vanille is making a wish

Final Fantasy is a world-famous Japanese video game franchise. True to its name, Final Fantasy scenery is distinctively imaginary: cute warrior princesses wearing skimpy outfits are fighting with handsome heroes against monsters of incredible size and in endless numbers. Good and evil are easily recognizable. The gameplay in FFXIII alternates about 50 percent with lavishly created video cutscenes, creating a mix between movie and interaction that is appealing especially to non-hardcore gamers.

The difficulty is fair, it gives an easy start to avoid early frustration. The storyline however is a little less convincing. It is not providing an easy to follow background, but who cares when we look at what great worlds and surroundings have been created. They are getting better and more interesting with every level, thirteen in total.


Although the game is fascinating the whole family, it is single-player only. How nice would it be if we could put controllers into all our hands, gang up on the monsters and complain about each other’s blunders and slowness in family-fashion. 🙂

In summary, Final Fantasy is video game entertainment at its best. Watch your time, because there are always more villains around the bend. Educational value is included. Have you ever seen the courtship dance of mud frogs live in action?