Kyosho Mini-Z Mitsubishi Lancer Limited Edition

Kyosho Mini-Z Mitsubishi Lancer Limited Edition

Children are the best excuse to get the most exciting toys. In the world of radio controlled cars, Kyosho introduced a line of 1:28 scale racing cars that fit in the palm of your hand.  With a length of approx. 16 centimeters, the series is called Mini-Z and it blurs the line between toy and serious sport enthusiasts.

It’s sophistication has been progressively enhanced, and countless high-performance afterparts allow the tuning of the model. Not only technical finesse make these cars stand out, the body design and finish is so detailled and professional, they became unique collectibles.


With recent improvements 2.4 GHz radio technology has been introduced, and all-wheel-drive trains are available for increased performance. Out of the box these models are so fast and responsive, it takes practise to control their speed and turns.

Set up a track around the coffee table, go under the couch while avoiding getting stuck on the carpet and see who gets the fastest laps. Go Pro and race against others in official contests, tuning suspension, engine, tires and weight distribution, amongst other endless possibilites. Get the body of a Fiat 500 and leave the Porsche behind in the dust…

Is there a downside? Yes. Running on a set of four AAA-size batteries, the fun is over too fast, in fifteen minutes or less. Racing the 24 hours of Le Mans has to wait…

Kyosho Mini-Z Mitsubishi Lancer Limited Edition, Top View

Mitsubishi Lancer Limited Edition, top view

Kyosho Mini-Z all-wheel-drive chassis

Kyosho Mini-Z all-wheel-drive chassis, side view

Kyosho Mini-Z all-wheel-drive chassis, side view