opensuse 140x140 ubuntu-140x140Welcome Ubuntu, Sayonara openSUSE! After the support expiration of OpenSUSE 12.3 in January, this server has just been migrated to Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. OpenSUSE run great during the five years, spanning versions 11.2, 11.4, 12.1 until 12.3. However the 18-month support cycle of OpenSuse required an almost annual upgrade, while Ubuntu provides longterm support versions covering five years.

Ubuntu brings back a Debian-based OS to the server, it was running Debian from its beginnings in 2004 through 2009. OpenSuse was very useful as a side operating system to Suse Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). Unfortunately my workplace no longer supports any Linux, and there is no point in sustaining SLES familiarity or knowledge.