Our Highlight in 2015 was being at the 11th World Karate Championship with tickets for the second day finals. Well done. Osu!  


和時計 (wadokei) are mechanical clocks telling the traditional Japanese time. Unlike elsewhere, Japan maintained a unique time system that measured day time from sunrise to sunset and night time from sunset to sunrise, splitting both periods into six units. This system created a real challenge for clockmakers. For one, the six night time units are much… Continue reading »


In 2014, Sakura came quite suddenly when temperatures rose in early April. Too many rainy days this year, we only accommodated the Sakura-watching on one Monday morning, 7:00 AM before work.


What does it mean if a city has a population of 37 million, and a density of over 6000 people per square kilometer? Concrete as far as the eye can see. Tokyo’s Sky Tree with a height of 634m provides a stunning view. From the Sky Tree’s observation deck in 350 meter height, one can see man-made… Continue reading »

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