NTT Docomo SH-08C "TouchWood" Hinoki, front view

NTT Docomo SH-08C “TouchWood” Hinoki, front view

NTT Docomo SH-08C "TouchWood" Hinoki, front view

NTT Docomo SH-08C “TouchWood” Hinoki, front view

Yes, it is real wood: Docomo’s latest mobile phone does not compete through tech coolness or features, instead it is bringing nature back into our hands. Its main case is made from Hinoki (Japanese Cypress), Japans most prized wood. Hinoki aroma is attributed to relieve stress and its oil is used to treat skin problems. While these effects are probably negligable on a small mobile, it really feels and, yes, it smells great!

As someone who loves and grows trees, I was in need of replacing my four-year old phone which, embarassingly enough, I operated one year without a battery cover because it got lost.

While iPhone/Galaxy models are tempting, I choose a phone for another 4 years or more that does not create the urge to upgrade next year again, or is able to loose its battery cover, for that matter. And, yes, a part of the purchase helps fund the forest preservation in Japan. Sold as a limited edition of only 15.000, the first batch was sold out online during the opening day on March 28th.

While mine arrived yesterday, for the rest who are still waiting: there is this incredible advertising clip – see the movie below.


  1. Christoffer says:

    Hi Frank

    Do you have any idea where i can get my hands on one of these phones?

    Christoffer – Denmark

    1. Frank says:

      Hi Christoffer,

      This will be tough, they had been exclusively sold online by NTT Docomo as a limited edition. They sold quickly out and I never saw one in stores or partners, not even as a showcase. Maybe there is a second edition coming next year, now that the technology is available. Not sure how if they would work with foreign SIM cards, tough, I heard they are locked to Docomo’s FOMA.


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