After upgrading to Windows 10, the new Edge browser has another render engine that displays web pages “differently”, and breaks the page layout. Below is the error shown a pixel-aligned comparison screenshot of an application page, displayed side-by-side in Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.   P.S.: Take a closer look at Google Advertising. Not Photoshop inserted – With… Continue reading »


ssh dictionary attack

A lot is written about the dangers of the Internet. Exaggerations, rumours, believes and opinions are often voiced through second-hand knowledge. Here is an account of recent events that caught my attention. I am operating a hosted virtual server that is permanently and directly connected to the Internet, 24×7. This system is fully exposed to… Continue reading »


Introduction IT Security teams and IT auditors typically demand to enable the database audit trace functionality. This requirement often collides with real-world IT, because the implementation and management cost of it is heavily underestimated. To look deeper into the reasons of the high implementation cost for this particular function together with the security benefits of… Continue reading »