Spotted in a Hong Kong shopping mall, this is one of the first real-live Bitcoin ATM’s in existence. The usage instructions alone are scary: cumbersome, intrusive and time-consuming – making this design an unlikely candidate for success. The displayed Bitcoin exchange rate wasn’t competitive, either. Nice try, but what a bad timing. Coinciding with the general distrust that developed… Continue reading »


Kyosho Mini-Z Mitsubishi Lancer Limited Edition

Children are the best excuse to get the most exciting toys. In the world of radio controlled cars, Kyosho introduced a line of 1:28 scale racing cars that fit in the palm of your hand.  With a length of approx. 16 centimeters, the series is called Mini-Z and it blurs the line between toy and serious sport… Continue reading »


Final Fantasy XIII, Vanille is making a wish

During a recent shopping spree at Amazon, I picked up Final Fantasy XIII for our Sony PS3. Although being the state-of-the-art game released back in 2009, even by todays standards it is a high-resolution marvel in art and design. Comparing it to the first pixel-block computer games 25 years ago running on 8-bit Atari or… Continue reading »


In the past, technologies disappeared gradually. Vinyl records, cassette tapes, floppy disks and video tapes are gone. Now came the end of the optical disc. The first audio compact disc arrived for me sometime in 1990 and by 1992 the data disc found its way into the personal computer. SInce then optical drives quickly became… Continue reading »

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